Improving the Odds That a Trade Show Exhibit Will Succeed

As every trade-show road warrior knows, there are a million things that can go wrong on the way to opening day. The industry is rife with stories about expensive exhibits and trade show initiatives that never saw the light of day, despite the best efforts of those responsible for them. There are simply so many variables and details that underlie the success of a given trade show effort, in fact, that accounting for them all can seem virtually impossible.

That does not mean, though, that it does not make sense to try. In fact, the most successful trade show veterans put a major emphasis on planning and strategy, seeking without fail to minimize the number of things that can potentially go wrong. That means everything from working with the most capable of all possible logistics partners to commissioning the displays and exhibits that are most likely to stand up to the rigors of the road.

In fact, there is plenty of good assistance of this kind to be found. Companies like Nomadic Display recognize the challenges involved with putting on a successful trade show exhibit, and they account for these issues in their products at a very basic level.


That can mean something as simple as ensuring that a pop-up display will always be ready to serve its purpose, however humble that might be. As can be seen at, there is actually quite a bit that can be done in this respect, contrary to what might be thought by some who conceive of such displays as fundamentally simple.

For one thing, it means always insisting on the greatest possible level of portability. Even some otherwise well-regarded pop-up displays fall short in this respect, requiring far more in the way of travel space than others that are better designed.

In fact, though, portability is one of the things that contributes most reliably to successful transport and deployment, so it only makes good sense to put a high priority on it. It might never be possible to guarantee the success of a given trade show, then, but there plainly some good, worthwhile ways of trying.


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